I have been interested in photography since my university days in Paris in 1968. That year, I bought my first Nikon camera and documented student protests in the Latin Quarter.

After graduation, I moved to the U.S. and pursued a career in marketing and international business development for major engineering and construction companies. Over the years, I have traveled to 85 countries on professional and leisure trips. All afforded me the opportunity to enjoy my hobby.

Since retiring in 2004, photography and learning about the digital world have been my focus. I love the technological advancements but try to achieve the best composition and exposure in the field to shorten my time on the computer. I continue using Nikon equipment on the sightseeing, hiking and bicycle trips that I take with my wife Bev. Upcoming trips:

  • Bolivia & Chile, February 2024
  • Washington DC, April 2024
  • Tanzania & Zanzibar, June 2024
  • France, July & August 2024