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La Paz with the Illimani Mountain (6438 m)Plaza Murillo, La PazCathedral, Plaza Murillo, La PazAmara Women in La PazAmara Women in La PazSan Francisco Church, La PazCalle Jean, La PazAmara Woman in La PazLa PazEntrance to the  Kalasasaya Temple, TiwanakuSemi-Subterranean Temple, TiwanakuMonolito Fraile, TiwanakuLake TiticacaCopacabana, Lake TiticacaBasilica of Our Lady of CopacabanaBenediction of a Car Engine, CopacabanaAmara Woman, CopacabanaMay 1st Celebration in Copacabana, Lake TiticacaMarket in Copacabana, Lake TiticacaSacred Fountains, Sun Island, Lake Titicaca
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