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Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, CuscoPlaza de Armas, Compania de Jesus Church, CuscoInca Wall, CuscoSanto Domingo Church, CuscoPerformers in front of La Merced Church, CuscoStreet in San Blas District, CuscoCusco Central Market of San PedroSaqsayhuaman Fortress, CuscoWall at Saqsayhuaman Fortress, CuscoWoman & Child, ChincheroWeaving Cooperative, ChincheroInca Terraces, Moray, Sacred ValleyUrquillos River Valley, Sacred ValleyInca Terraces of Pisac, Sacred ValleyDonkeys Carrying Dry Corn Stalks, MorayQuinoa Field, MoraySalt Fields, MarasDrying Corn, Sacred ValleyInca Complex of OllantaytamboQuechua Woman and Children,  Patacancha, Sacred Valley
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